Bailiffing responsibilities are overseen by the Director of Fisheries and Operations Manager. All of our bailiffs are empowered under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003 giving a warranted bailiff the powers of entry, search, seizure and arrest. These powers extend to the whole of the Annan catchment including its tributaries, coastal burns and part of the Inner Solway.

Our bailiffing team works closely with Police Scotland and SEPA on matters regarding the illegal taking of salmon and sea trout, pollution to the catchment and the destruction or damage of habitat.

​Bailiffing and Enforcement

Ilegal removal of gravel from the Upper Annan.

Map showing the Annan catchment.

For information about or complaints of poaching incidents contact:

Fisheries Office:

01576 470600


Police 101


To report a pollution incident contact: SEPA 01387 720502

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