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Consultation on Compulsory Release of all Sea Trout in the Annan District



Sea trout catches across the whole of the Solway region have declined to all time lows in recent years. The River Annan & District Salmon Fishery Board has decided that action is needed to maximise the number of fish spawning and increase egg deposition and propose to make the catch and release of all sea trout compulsory for a period of 5 years. This proposal is currently in the consultation stage and we welcome any comments on the proposals.


You can view the evidence document behind the proposal here.


You can submit your response/comments on the proposal by writing to the Clerk, Mary Colville:


The consultation will close on 4th October 2013.


The consultation has now closed but you can read the responses below and read the Report on Responses to the Sea Trout Regulations Consultation



Responses received before the 4th October 2013

Responses received after the 4th October 2013

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