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20 April 2015

The River Annan Annual Report

The annual report fro the River Annan is now available and details all the work carried out during 2014. You can read/download a copy of the full report here

16 March 2015

Environment Fair Art Gallery

The River Annan Trust attended the Environment Fair this weekend and 41 kids (and some big kids) coloured in a variety of animals and insects that can be found on the river. Have a look at the gallery here

19 January 2015

River Annan Grayling Fishing Dates - Winter 2015

The River Annan holds a number of Grayling Fishing days to monitor the health of grayling stocks. To find out when these are click here

30 October 2014

American Mink Control

American mink are an invasive species that can impact on a number of our native species. The Trust has been trying to control and surpress their numbers for a number of years. Read More.

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