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The American mink was introduced to the UK for fur farming in the 1920’s. Since that time a number of escapes and deliberate releases have allowed it to establish in the wild. Mink are semi-aquatic mustelids  usually with dark brown fur and a white patch on the chin. It is a generalist predator that takes both terrestrial and aquatic prey.

American mink (Neovison vison)

Toe pads and claws often print together as a tear shape

Neovison vison
Neovison vison

Often has a white patch on chin and throat

Neovison vison

Prints are 20-40mm in size

Tail length 13-23cm (about half body length)

Body length 30 - 47 cm - compared to otter which can be up to 1 metre

Usually dark brown fur  although variations do exist

Image: John McAvoy

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